The Young Academics Track

Powered by DTU Skylab, Next Generation Water Action – Young Academics Track connects more than 90 university students from leading technical universities from Denmark, Kenya, Ghana, Mexico, South Korea, and India to the water solutions of the future.

Working in 21 teams on solving 5 real-life challenges, we equip the international students with the network, partnerships and tools to develop sustainable water solutions.

By bridging between the international innovative young minds and water experts, solutions are not only showcased locally in their home countries, but also worldwide by giving the solutions a global stage. 

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“The value of the initiative is to become exposed to innovative solutions from blue sky thinkers (red.: students) that are not limited to myopic mindsets that are ultimately inculcated when one spends years in a profession or organization”

Magash Naidoo, City Official eThekwini Municipality, Panelist of Academices Pitch Session

“We felt empowered and focused on our duty to save our world. (…) I think that the important thing is to support young people, since we are the ones who in a few years will be making the decisions”

Young Academic, Colombia

Cracking 5 Water Challenges

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Water Infrastructure in Ghana

Wastewater Treatment & Ressource Recovery

Wastewater Treatment & Ressource Recovery

City Scale Planning & Climate Adaption

Water Resources & Large Scale Water Management

Water Infrastructure in Ghana

Ghana, Low-cost data acquisition, AI, GIS

How might we use low-cost equipment to provide data input to AI-analysis for mapping and classification of water utility network changes in Ghana to mitigate loss of water through faults or damage to the network during construction?

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Wastewater Treatment & Resource Recovery

Zero liquid discharge (ZLD), Water recovery, Scarce Resources, Non-renewable resources

How might we recover scarce or non-renewable resources from effluents/brine streams to reduce environmental impact on water treatment processes?

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Wastewater Treatment & Resource Recovery of Sewage Sludge

Korea, Anaerobic Digestion, Sludge, Dehydrant, Biogas

How can a city like Daegu move towards becoming NetZero by unlocking the full potential of sewage sludge through resource recovery or innovative circular reuse?

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City Scale Planning and Operations & Climate Adaption

Rio de Janeiro, Climate Adaption, Campaigns, Access to data, Strategy & Action Plan

How to adapt to a changing climate in cities like Rio de Janeiro with a huge informal sector and increasing population when our data set is not sufficient enough to make a risk assessment?

Challenge partner

Water Resources & Large Scale Water Management

India, Digital Water Management, Cost Effectiveness, Detection, Surveillance, IoT

How can we solve the critical challenges faced by India in managing its water resources through inclusive digital water management solutions that are cost effective and easily deployable?

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