Region Zealand challenge

Water Resources & Large Scale Water Management:
How might we future-proof remediation efforts against discovery of unidentified contaminants / contaminants of emerging concern to protect the groundwater and thus ensure the foundation for a safe water supply?

MexicoDenmarkKenyaIndiaSouth Korea

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Semi-finals Program

08:15 CEST
The video conference is open.
08:30 CEST
Short introduction to the program of the Semi-Final by the NGWA Team
08:40 CEST
Welcome by Semi-Final’s challenge owner Region Zealand  

08:50 CEST

Video Pitches of the 4 student teams will be shown, each followed by a 30 sec live pitch and 4 min. Q&A with the jury.
– Team South Korea
– Team Kenya 
– Team India
– Team Denmark

09:30 CEST

Closing remarks by Semi Final’s challenge owner Region Zealand and outlining of next steps by NGWA Team

09:35 CEST
OPEN NETWORK SESSIONYou are invited to stay on the platform to network & connect with our student teams during an open network session! Join a team’s breakout room to have an unfacilitated & informal conversation with the team!

10:00 CEST
END OF PROGRAMSemi-Final ends. You are invited to watch the next semifinal (Ulsan challenge) starting at 10:00 (can be viewed here).


Bente Højlund Hyldegaard

Region Zealand,
Special Consultant,
Contamination and Groundwater Protection

Henrik Jannerup

Region Zealand,
Head of Department, Regional Development

Jacob Amengor

Representative of IWA Young Water Professionals
Water Quality Assurance Supervisor at Ghana Water Company Ltd.

Linda Weiß

DTU Skylab,
Sustainability Project Manager

Poul Løgstrup Bjerg

Representative of DTU Sustain, Professor and Head of BSc Studies