The Young Entrepreneurs Track

Young Entrepreneurs Track is one of Next Generation’s two tracks. On a yearly basis, the track creates the platform for 10 water startups from Ghana, Kenya, Denmark, South Korea, and India to connect and develop their startup.

The Young Entrepreneurs Track has a history of supporting the startups strategically in their journey. Not only do startups get access to the network that can boost their solution and business, they also train how to get the most possible value out of the network, finding the mutual benefit, and getting strong on pitching their water solutions. 

Foster the Skills You Need to Accelerate Your Startup

As a participant in the Next Generation Water Action – Young Entrepreneurs Track, boost your solution and business with access to:

International peer network

Workshops tailored for your startup journey

Sparring with top-tier water experts 

Exposure to relevant network

Mentoring by savvy business mentors

Global outreach of your solution 


“I got to meet various high-level individuals i.e. Mayor of Durban, Sierra Leone, Abidjan and various Senior Advisors […] This wouldn’t have happened if not for the program

Young Entrepreneur, Kenya

“We are meeting with a potential investor in a couple of weeks. We also got to talk to our biggest competitor, and they invited us for coffee (nice and a little scary).”

Young Entrepreneur, Denmark

Start-ups 2021

The participating star-ups have been chosen from the following criteria. They have a prototype, which is a sustainable or digital solution for smart liveable cities. The start-ups works with technology or service with relevance to the water sector. They are in the early startup phase, i.e. working with existing prototype, determining product-market fit, and experimenting with customers. The idea was developed in a university/academia setting. English proficiency of the team members. But mostly because they are motivated to build the sustainable future of water!

Top 5 Startups

Learn more about our Top 5 Startups here!

Participating Startups


We are an algal water technology company that offers waste to value solutions for wastewater and agricultural waste, while sequestering CO2. Ours is a solution inspired by nature where we have carefully adopted algal growth to eliminate harmful bacteria, viruses, TDS, BOD, and most importantly odor from wastewaters. We have algal strains to treat saline, brackish as well as industrial and domestic wastewaters. Our value generation from waste is targeted towards providing valuable ingredients to the nutraceutical, cosmetic and pigment industries

Bluesparks Water


We design, manufacture, and install wastewater recycling technologies currently for the carwash industry. For more than five years, we have committed extensive resources to prototyping and field-testing different technologies suitable for carwash wastewater recycling in Ghana’s largest cities, Accra and Kumasi. At present, we have a technology that produces clean water from carwash wastewater. As water resources become scarce across the globe, such technology will contribute to protecting and conserving water.  


We’re building a tech-enabled one-stop shop to manage the entire lifecycle of sewage treatment plants. We automate plants and use ~25 sensors, many custom-made, to detect problems early, diagnose their root cause using 75+ algorithms, and manage the day-to-day workflow for service teams through an app that gives digital training and precise instructions to prevent and resolve issues.  


We manufacture the water management system Aquaset. Installing Aquaset to water pump systems automates the filling of storage tanks ensuring that the exact volume of water is delivered into the storage tank without overflowing. Aquaset monitors the aquifer yield to prevent dry running of the pumps thereby ensuring the longevity of the pumps.  


We are a R&D start up developing cost effective, reliable and real-time health monitoring solutions for pipelines carrying fluids (water, oil, gas etc.) under-ground, on-shore and off-shore. We have developed a prototype for the pipeline leakage detection system and have filed for a patent. We are implementing our system on small scale as a pilot project currently


Tollson’s filtration system is designed to efficiently remove and dewater sediments from wet ponds. This significantly reduces the sediment storage volume and renders it into a solid, stable form for easier and cheaper handling. It will reduce the overall costs and CO2 footprint of the sediment dewatering process, making it an important step towards stormwater management becoming more sustainable. We at Tollson want to empower municipalities to implement climate-change resilient solutions.  


Our focus is to bring IoT and AI to utility metering. We solve problems related to water metering and provide a robust solution to both utility providers as well as consumers. Our flagship product is Flow, a wireless battery-powered smart water meter and the complete billing solution. We want to provide an end-to-end flexible platform to utility providers, where they can integrate any standard smart water meters including ours and it can also integrate multiple utility meter types.  


Waterkiosk Africa installs, operates, and maintains solar water desalination systems for off-grid communities around Africa. Waterkiosk ensures inclusivity in its model of operation ensuring impact-oriented results, engaging community stakeholders, and promoting women as kiosk operators. Community members benefit from increased incomes and access to sustainable employment, as well as, minimizing the effort and dangers of traveling to collect drinking water.  


Xynate limited is a water technology company that was started mainly to help in solving the most challenging water issues. We are dedicated to providing the most efficient, innovative, and sustainable water technologies to improve the way water is used and managed. Our key focus intervention area is to provide calibration and testing services of existing water meters at affordable rates and with credible turnaround time.


4Life Solutions is a Danish based impact-company aiming to deliver clean, sustainable water to everyone who needs it by developing and implementing the affordable household water purification device, the SolarSack. SaWa 4life is an affordable and straightforward water purification device that can clean 4 litres of water in 4 hours using only sunlight. Solarsack’s purification technology is based on Solar Water Disinfection (SODIS), a process that has been endorsed by WHO. The process works by harnessing UV-rays and heat from the sun to reduce bacteria and virus by 99.99%.