Program 2022

Spring – Innovation sprint

The spring of 2022 focused on our Academic Track where over 90 students from Denmark, Kenya, Mexico, South Korea, and India were taken on an innovation journey to develop solutions to 5 pressing water challenges. The students got to pitch their bold ideas at our Multihub finals, connecting a physical event in each partnering country into one global hybrid event.


During 5 semifinals, 21 judges were given the difficult task of selecting the Top 10 Finalists from a total of 22 pitches from the Young Academics Track’s student teams. The finalist teams were then invited to pitch their solution live to a panel of global decision-makers at our grande Multihub Final!

Multihub Finals

The Young Academic Track was topped off by providing a global stage for our future water leaders – virtually across the globe and physically with local events taking place in our 5 partner countries simultaneously.

Fall – Towards IWA World Water Congress

The fall will focus on bringing a youth delegation with representatives from each participating country to the IWA World Water Congress. The delegation consists of the national Academic Track winners from each country, Young Water Professionals, Young researchers, Startups and the winners from the 2022 Program.

Built on strong collaborations

Next Generation Water Action is made possible through strong partnerships between universities, innovation centres, global corporations and governments around the world. The main sponsors of 2022 are: