Reducing non-revenue water and water spillage in Accra, Ghana, by providing 2D and 3D visualization of the water pipe network to construction companies.


PipeData application is visualization software that allows construction workers in Accra, Ghana to view 2D and 3D pipe maps at the construction site. Thus, the number of broken pipes is reduced and as a result, water is saved!

The challenge

In Accra non-revenue water and water scarcity is a challenge. A non-revenue water percentage of a staggering 51% underlines the severe acute problem. A solution mitigating these problems to any degree is required to solve at least some of these problems. In addition, low-cost and simple solutions are key as it eases up rolling out the solutions and are not a big intervention in the current water ecosystem which is already huge in Accra.

Ghana Water Company Limited (GWCL) is an urban water utility in Ghana, operating 91 water systems with an annual production of 300 million cubic meters of water. The company is located in the capital of Ghana in Accra.

The metropolitan area of Accra has a population of around 5 million people. In the city of Accra, Ghana construction companies working on sites often break underground water pipes. According to GWCL, this number is around 500 pipes per month. This problem costs the construction companies large amounts of money and time for reparations, and GWCL loses water. Moreover, it creates inconveniences for the citizens in terms of water shortages and even small floods.

Our solution

PipeData has the mission of reducing non-revenue water in developing countries. This is done by visualizing underground water pipes, so they will not be damaged by construction taking place in the area. Construction workers can log in to PipeData application via a company account and access local GIS maps securely. The 2D view shows the pipe network at the current location. Users can interact with pipes and view their specifications. The augmented view shows the pipes in the 3D reality.

Here is what one of our potential users say about our solution.

“I love that I can interact with the 2D map, usually I  go through pdf maps. Now I can zoom in in the area I am interested in.”

-Allan, DK

Value proposition

PipeData owns the digital product, which is licensed with a monthly/yearly fee to the customers. The application adds value to all parties affected by this problem. Distributing data of water pipes to construction companies in Ghana will mitigate broken water pipes, reduce water loss, water scarcity, and relieve pain points for both parties. If the construction workers use the PipeData application, they will be less likely to break water pipes. This means GWCL does not need to shut down water pipelines for repairment, and the construction company does not have to pay for the repairment and materials of these water pipes. This will add up to the value for Accra citizens who will have a more reliable water source.


In the long term, our application will contribute to the Sustainable Development Goal 6: Clear Water and Sanitation since PipeData aims to reduce non-revenue water by preventive measures.

The team

We are five engineering master students with different backgrounds, currently studying at The Technical University of Denmark.

Project partners

LE34 is a leading consulting firm with a strong presence in the Nordic region providing technology solutions across various sectors including utility management. 

Ghana Water Company Limited (GWCL) is a utility company, fully owned by the state. The company is responsible for potable water supply to all urban communities in Ghana.