NITI Aayog & AIM – Team India 3

Contamination of water is the major cause for waterborne diseases. In order to detect the water contaminants, electrochemical and optical sensors are needed to measure physical and chemical properties of water quality. The proposed system consisting of sensors and their signal conditioning circuits are connected to the MSP432 microcontroller responsible for processing the water parameters. The controller sends AT commands to the GPRS module through the UART serial port, which controls its data transmission. The SIMCOM 808 GPRS module is utilized for communication between the controller and the web-based supervision system (dashboard).

The proposed system is successfully tested in different water environments for online monitoring of the water parameters such as turbidity, ORP, pH and temperature of water bodies. It also provides support for decision making in prevention of water contamination with help of alerts and warnings from dashboard.

The system is protected from environment conditions by using selective laser sintering based 3D printing, which can be deployed in remote locations. A short message service is provided in this system for registered user when there is a deviation of water quality parameters from pre-defined set of standard values. It is capable of good detection accuracy and low deployment operation cost. This kind of implementation is suitable for large scale deployments.

Demostration video